Wedding Venues Maui

The South Shore of Maui

Kihei, Wailea and Makena are some of the best beach locations in Hawaii or for that matter the world. Boastiong great sunsets, golden sand, grassy knolls and palm tree backgrounds they are ideal for weddings.

Most of our weddings are done on the beach for what we call a sunset wedding. These usually start an hour or more prior to the sunset. They usually end with a colorful sky and great last photographs before heading to dinner.

We do weddings other times of the day too! Morning weddings bring out the best color photographs. Brighter and bolder your morning wedding will really show off our tourquoise waters.

See the best South Maui locations below:

Makena Surf
Probably our favorite location. This beach is also next to another popular Option: Poolenalena. Street parking and a small parking lot make it eady to get to. Their are no restroom facilities. Beautiful sunsets are common as are whale sighting during the winter months. Has a nice walkway leading to beach that allows for excellent photo opportunites as the Bride walks into the ceremony scene.

Wailea Beach is the main beach for many fine resorts. Thne sand is a good option to marry on but one can also use the park that is located between the Grand Wailea Resort and the Four Seasons. The park is a grassy knoll overlooking this spectacular beach. Sunset weddings are awesome. Has public bathrooms. Good parking. It is an excellent choice for those staying at a resort in the Wailea area

This very popular scuba diving and snorkeling beach is always busy. Sunsets only! Do not attempt to get married here during the morning till late afternoon. Alwaysis an excellent sunset and there is a spot for a private catered dinner afterward at this wedding location.This beach has public bathrooms and good evening parking only.

My favorite and one of the most beautiful stretches of sand anywhere in Hawaii. It is a popular walking and laying out at beach so there will always be some people around. One of our favorite restaurants is right on this very beach. Consider a sunset wedding and dinner afterward at Sarento's on the Beach.

The West Shore of Maui

For those staying in West Maui (Lahaina, Kaanapali and Kapalua Bay) we suggest Kapalua Bay as your best choice.

We often get asked to do weddings on the beaches of Kaanapali where many of our guests are staying but they areno longer allowed.

DT Fleming and a few other locations are available but we still suggest Kapalua Bay.

Beautiful sunsets are seen year round on most West facing shores. The location of your wedding is probably the most important consideration if you are looking to be married on Maui. Let us help answer those important questions.

See more below:

Once rated the "Best Beach" in the world by Conde Nest Travel. The views are specttacular and there is parking and restroom facilties. A great restaurant is just above the beach and perfect for receptions. So consider Merrimans on the Beach for your after wedding or vow renewal dinner. one word of caution: I have seen nmore than 10 weddings here happening at the same time. Even with that number they all seemed to go smoothly.

DT Fleming
This beach was rated the "Best Beach" in the world by Conde Nest Travel in 2006. This is a spectacular spot and a good alternative if kapalua Bay does not work for you..

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