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Joey Bloom

My love for photography began as a small child.  My father was an amateur photographer and I remember asking him when I was 8 or 9 to explain how a camera worked.  At that age, I learned the basics of aperture, film speed and shutter speed.

I attended the University of Kansas where I received a B.S in Photojournalism.  In my time at KU, I also had the honor of apprenticing under renown photographer, Nick Vedros, based out of Kansas City, MO.  In this time, my understanding and love of photography deepened as my education included more sophisticated lighting techniques and larger format cameras.

After graduating I spent a few years living in NYC where my photography career started to bloom.  Working for an ad agency, I was hired to photograph such star studded events as Fashion Week in New York City’s Bryant Park.

I have since settled in Portland, OR a city I have called home for the past 9 years.  It is here that I have established my own business, In Bloom Photography where I specialize in events, portraits and fine art.

My passion is working with people.  I gravitate to capturing natural, unrehearsed moments and expression.

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