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Why Choose Hawaiian Style Weddings?

A. We are a wedding planner/coordinator leader with a ton of experience. We have proven independent contractor vendors (ministers, photographers, florists and all the rest). You get to preview and choose your own. We are competitively priced (we have negotiated prices better than going direct to that vendor). Bottom line: we get the job done. Back to the top

What is a Hawaiian Style Wedding like?

A. Basically a Hawaiian Style Wedding is a simpler affair, generally done outdoors at a beach or a garden although we do our weddings everywhere (chapels, wedding halls, etc…). We make planning a wedding easy as we do it all. Our clients simply need to get their marriage license and show up at the right time at the right place. If you want to reduce stress, choose Hawaiian Style Weddings! Back to the top

What wedding services do you provide?

A. We offer every service imaginable. If it exists we can provide. For the most part we help with site selection and other advice regarding the where’s and when’s. We have all the service providers you need: minister, photographer, videographer, florist, musician and all the rest. We also provide complete travel services for you and your guests. Need help with your hair & makeup, dinner reservations, a good dry cleaner? Just ask we know the best. Back to the top

How much do you charge for coordination?

A. There is no charge for our advice. Call without obligation to learn more. Our fees are built into our wedding packages. You pay no additional fee! Back to the top

Do I have an onsite wedding coordinator?

A. There is always someone designated as onsite coordinator. Of course our simplest package that basically provides just the minister to perform the ceremony, that minister acts as onsite coordinator.  Other more complicated weddings get a dedicated onsite coordinator. Probably more important is who is behind the scenes. We always have someone available during your wedding that is on their computer ready to help as needed. Imagine your photographer has an accident and cannot make your event. We have had this happen and our behind the scenes coordinator was able to find a last minute replacement. We are dedicated to make your wedding everything you imagined.  Back to the top

How do I book travel?

A. We provide travel using Pleasant Holidays. They provide more travel to Hawaii and many other destinations than anyone else. This includes Orbitz, Expedia and Travelocity. We can assist with travel from the USA and Canada. We go to Hawaii, the South Pacific, Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe. Get your quote today. Give us a call or send an email. Besides price we are better because you do not have to pay for your trip in whole right away. We can take a smaller down payment with a balance due usually a month prior to departure.  Back to the top

Where can I get a marriage license?

A. Depending on where you are getting married we know the answer. We get you the appropriate documents and even can help with setting up an appointment. We’ll make it easy so don’t worry. Back to the top

What Island should I get married on?

Island Choice is an important one. We do weddings on the 4 major Hawaiian Islands. Kauai, Oahu, Maui and Hawaii (often referred to as the “Big Island”). Each has its own unique feel. Some of our clients will get married on one Island and then travel to another for their “honeymoon”. Others will take a cruise around the Islands and visit them all. The most romantic Island is Kauai. Oahu is the most populous and offers historical places to visit such as Pearl Harbor and Waikiki. Maui is a popular choice as it has both scenic beauty and plenty to do. The Big Island of Hawaii is just that, BIG. Visiting the active volcano is one of the more popular activities to do there. Back to the top

Where should I get married, the beach, a garden or a waterfall?

95% of our couples elect to get married on the beach. The beaches are beautiful and offer scenic backdrops. Many have other Islands in the background. There are other choices too. We have churches, gardens and waterfalls. Most of these sites have a site fee ranging from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. Back to the top

What time should I get married?

Most of our couples elect to get married at sunset. Depending on the time of year that means a start time of anywhere from 4;30pm to 6;30pm. At the conclusion of the ceremony more photographs are taken with the last several hopefully with a colorful sky as the sun sets. Then it is off to a nice romantic dinner. The next most popular time to get married is in the morning.  If photographs are important then you should consider a morning wedding. Colors really stand out in the morning. The blues and turquoises of the ocean stand out and everything is just a little more bright and vivid. Back to the top


What time of year is best?

Hawaii enjoys some of the best climate anywhere. Even in winter the days stay warm and you can swim in the ocean year round. If avoiding crowds is your thing then late summer and fall when the kids are back in school is a good choice. Winter (December through April) offers the delight of seeing whales. Some of our beach weddings are lucky to have whales breaching right off shore during their ceremonies. It does rain in Hawaii and winter is considered the rainy season.  But don’t let that worry you as each Hawaiian Island has areas where it rarely rains. Back to the top


When and with whom should I book travel?

Without a doubt you should book your travel through us. We know the Islands better than most travel agents and we use Pleasant Holidays. They book more travel to Hawaii than anyone else and often get the best prices. Use can feel assured that things will work out when using Pleasant Holidays. We offer Free quotes. Not only that, you do not have to pay for the trip all at once. Some of our travel packages require as little as $300 down. We are also happy to help family and friends. We can also do multiple Islands and even offer a cruise that visits each Island. Back to the top

What about getting a marriage license?

A. It is extremely easy to get married in Hawaii! No wait, no blood test, you simply need to make an appointment with a marriage license agent (we help set this up). It takes your photo ID’s, $60 or $65 cash and a simple one page application. Most are open Monday through Friday and some even can do Saturday.

Many of our non-USA wedding couples ask us about the validity of marriages performed in Hawaii. They are valid everywhere with the following statement from our marriage license agent:  In the State of Hawaii, US, we do not register an intent to marry. Our marriages are valid anywhere in the world. You will receive a Certified Copy of Marriage Certificate that is mailed to you 120 days after your marriage. Should you need a copy sooner to change name or names of bride and groom, you can process an expedite request and receive the Certified Copy of Marriage in 4 to 6 weeks. Process to receive a marriage license to marry on Maui is to set up an appointment with a marriage license agent, complete application, go into license appointment together with a photo ID and the license fees of $65 in cash only. Your marriage license is issued the same day, is valid immediately and good for a 30 day period. Back to the top

What about choosing a photographer and a minister?

A. We are happy to choose for you but give you the option of choice. You can preview the photographers and ministers on our website. We usually ask to give us a couple choices in case your first choice is not available. We are not a mom and pop operation. We doing hundreds of weddings each year on each Island and have selected a good variety of the very best of each. Back to the top

What wedding services do you provide?

A. Just about anything to do with weddings we have available for you. We have some wedding packages you can select from or we can customize to suit your needs. Again you get choices. Flowers, location, time, minister, photographer and more are all up to you. We are happy to guide you through this to help you make the best decisions. Back to the top

What about guests?

A. Bring as many guests as you want. There is no extra charge. Those that do not have guests do not worry as witnesses are no longer required in Hawaii. Those expecting a large number of guest should consult with us as to location. We can even create a web page for your family and friends to get details about your wedding and even use it to book their travel to Hawaii. Back to the top











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